Gulfstream HE-Series Heat Pumps

Gulfstream HE-Series Heat Pumps


What makes Gulfstream HE Series Heat Pump so impressive?

The Gulfstream Manufacturing offers quiet, efficient heat pumps for swimming pools.  Gulfstream heat pumps have state of the art technology and LCD readout displays.

Gulfstream pool heat pumps feature Titanium Turbo Heat Exchangers which are impervious to chemical corrosion. Meaning they never rust out or erode. Gulfstream titanium heat exchangers come with a lifetime warranty. Gulfstream's scroll compressors are the quietest compressors in the business.  Gulfstream's spa timer allows for unit shut off after use, eliminating the need to turn the unit off manually.  

HE Series Heat Pump Features & Benefits

Scroll Compressors - minimal energy technology is used to achieve maximum silent output.

Low fan speeds - Lower RPM's use less energy

Super- sized Evaporated coils (20 Sq.Ft.)  - Combinie these three things and the results are a super quiet 56 decibels heat pump!

Dual Thermostats - Allow you to program seperate pool and spa temperatures.

Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger- Impervious to erosion and corrosion.  Lifetime Warranty.

2" PVC plumbing - Allows for a fulll water flow.  No need for an external bypass

R- 410A  Clean Refrigerant - Environmentally friendly refrigerant. Standard in all gulfstream units.

Helium (He) Tested- Refrigerant system tested with the second smallest element. Finds leaks 100 times smaller then our competitors. Virtually elements refrigerant loss.

Quiet Scroll Compressor (Gulfsteam Models)- The quietest of all compressors. More efficient and no maintenance.

Diagnostic LCD Readout- Programmed in real words (no codes to learn). Self diagnostic LCD will display a fault if problems occur.

Compatible with all remote control systems

Rear Plumbing Location- No need to rotate the unit for installation. No unsightly and in-the-way plumbing in front.

Control Lockout- Prevents unwanted setting changes.

Spa Timer- Automatic shut-off of spa timer. No need to go outside to shut off heater after spa use.

HE Series Models:

  • HE - 90 RA - 90,000 BTU's - 6.3 COP
  • HE - 110 RA - 110,000 BTU's - 6.4 COP
  • HE - 125 RA - 120,000 BTU's - 6.3 COP (Also available in Heat & Cool)
  • HE - 150 RA - 138,000 BTU's - 6.0 COP


Warranty Information

Florida Warranty -

 HE Series  Models - 10 Years Parts & 2 Years Labor- Limited Warranty - Lifetime on Titanium Heat Exchanger

US outside of Florida 

1 Year Labor Warranty, 5 Year Warranty - Parts, 15 Year Warranty- Titanium Heat Exchanger


** AHRI Performance Certification - AHRI Certification gives the consumer peace of mind and a true "apples to apples" comparison regarding performance and efficiency.  Check our performance ratings and our warranty and you'll find we are the leaders in heat pump technology and manufacturing.  Always purchase an AHRI Certified unit to guarantee that you are getting what you're promised.

  • **Not sure what size fits your needs? Please call us at 1-800-725-4008


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  • Model: HE
  • 80 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Gulfstream


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