Electric Spa Heaters

Electric Spa Heaters contain all of the features and capabilities of heaters twice their size. Electric spa heaters fit into compact spaces- even under spa skirts and steps. They are easy to install and service. Electric Spa Heaters are offered by Hayward and Raypak.  Electric spa heaters are only recommended to heat spas and not swimming pools.

The following table shows the heating capability for each model in temperature rise per hour with a given amount of water. For example, the 11kw unit will raise the temperature of 450 gallons of water 10 degrees Fahrenheit in one hour. To determine the gallonage of your spa, multiply the surface area x average depth x 7.5.

Water Temperature Rise in oF/Hr.
Model 5o 10o 15o 20o 25°
Gallons of Water
5.5KW 450 225 150 113 95
11KW 900 450 300 225 190
Always cover your spa or hot tub when not in use to minimize heat loss and evaporation, and to decrease the time need to heat water.


For more information on Electric Spa Heaters, contact us at:  1-888-748-0019

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