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Nature2 Fusion Soft 1400 Replacement Cell

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The Nature2 Fusion soft system is an all-in-one salt water sanitizer and mineral system for in-ground pools. It brings you the benefits of Nature2 minerals with the convenience and benefits of an automatic salt water sanitizer.

It is proven to destroy bacteria and control algae without any of the harsh effects of traditional chemicals. No other system is this complete or easy to install, use and maintain. With Nature2 Fusion Soft, you are just a few simple steps away from perfect pool water, naturally.

Minerals, such as silver and copper, have long been known for their sanitizing antimicrobial properties. Nature2 brings the benefits of these safe elemental ingredients to create pool water that is noticeably cleaner, clearer, and softer.


  • Fustion Soft 1400 Cell only – (For pools up to 40,000 gallons)
  • Easy to use – Quick installation with low maintenance and the convenience of automatic sanitizer generation.
  • Compatible – Works with virtually all swimming pool filtration systems.
  • Bacteria + Algae control – Nature2 minerals destroy bacteria and control algae.
  • The total mineral solution – Nature2 Fusion Soft is an all-in-one salt water and mineral sanitizing system to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Technical Details

  • Dependable, proven AquaPure® electronics
  • Automatic reversing polarity
  • Rated to 50 PSI and 100 GPM

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